The Angel’s Jered Weaver was suspended six games in response to his ejection from Saturday’s game against the Detroit Tigers. The suspension stemmed from throwing over the head of the Tigers’ Alex Avila. The Tigers’ Carlos Guillen homered against Weaver and starred him down while rounding the bases. This led to home plate umpire warning both benches. Immediately afterwards Weaver threw over Avila’s head and was ejected in the seventh inning. Since both benches were warned Angels’ manager Mike Scoscia was suspended as well.

Weaver will appeal his six-game suspension which is actually relatively short for a pitcher. Here are some of the longest non steroids, non-Black Sox suspensions in baseball history.

Pete Rose

In 1988 Pete Rose got into a minor “tiff” with umpire Dave Pallone. A call went against Rose’s Reds which allowed the Mets’ eventual winning run to score. Rose shoved Pallone twice, claiming Pallone scratched him which provoked the shove. Rose was suspended for 30 days, the longest ever suspension for an on field incident involving a manager.

Lenny Randle

Rangers’ infielder Lenny Randle approached Rangers’ manager Frank Lucchesi before a spring training game in March 1977. After they spoke Randle punched Lucchesi in the face, fracturing his cheekbone in three places. Lucchesi required plastic surgery to repair the damage and Randle was suspended 30 days without pay by the team. He was later traded before playing a game for the Rangers that season.

John Rocker

In a January 2000 sports illustrated article, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker made numerous disparaging remarks against homosexuals, foreigners and minorities. The commissioner’s office wished to suspend him for 73 days which was eventually reduced to 28 days and 13 games. In the same interview Rocker attacked New York Mets’ fans. When the Rocker faced the Mets in June of that year over 700 police officers were on scene, opposed to the normal 60. Multiple other safety precautions were put in place to prevent retribution against Rocker.

Frank Francisco

The Rangers’ reliever Francisco got into an argument with Oakland A’s fans in a late 2004 game in Oakland. Francisco threw a chair into the stands which hit a female fan in the face, breaking her nose. Francisco was suspended the remaining 16 games of the season, fined and forced to undergo anger management.

Kenny Rogers

Texas Rangers’ pitcher, (a lot of Rangers on this list) got into a fight with a camera man before a game. Rogers was caught on tape shoving two videographers. The commissioner’s office, after review, opted to suspend Kenny Rogers 20 games and fined $50,000 dollars.

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